BM2 Enterprise revamped

First blog post. Keeping it simple. Cheers to all the independent consultants in the world where our rules we like to live by. BM2 Enterprise is my brainchild. Web development and SharePoint are the main services I provided as consultant. I am glad I finally have the time to write my first blog post. These blog post will have a different twist to them. Here at BM2 Enterprise we grew up on Hip Hop music. Best believe everything we do will have some Hip Hop reference to it. Topics will be around web development, SharePoint things, and Hip Hop music albums we recommend. Hopefully I will be able to post on a regular. Before I forget. Contact me on any available platforms and lets have a cup of coffee to discuss your next project. Salute!!!

Below is the first Hip Hop recommendation. Rapper by the name “The Last Emperor” with a song called “The Dozen”. This song managed to define me as a person from childhood ’til now, that’s what I call timeless music. More to come. Cheers


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